As we reflect, it is clear that Strategic Exit and Succession planning is critical to a successful business transition.
It is a win-win proposition with significant benefits to a business owner. 
No Strategic Exit and Succession Plan will almost certainly ensure a less than satisfactory exit from your business and less cash $$$'s for YOU!

Our strategic Exit and Succession Planning process delivers a clear path to ensuring that business owners exit their
business in a manner that maximizes their well defined personal and business goals. 
We are confident that our process delivers real value to you!
Therefore, what you have paid us for the strategic exit and succession planning and implementation,
We will REFUND in FULL, when we sell your business!!
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What do you want your Legacy to be?
  • Lost the business due to unforeseen event?
  • Sold the business for less that what it was worth?
  • Exited the business in a controlled and effective manner realising the value created?
"Turn your business into one you can sell for Value and more $$$"
Exit Planning puts you in charge of YOUR Legacy
Use us for Exit and Succession planning because
  • We sell businesses for a living so we know about exiting your business
  • We know what buyers look for in a business and we are able to determine appropriate buyer attraction strategies
  • We have real, market based experience, facts and data to improve the value of your business
  • We are Professionally Qualified Exit Planning Advisors
Case Study - We prepared a valuation for a business owner which valued his business as $14 million, the owner wanted $20 million. Our team (lead by Mike) lead the owner through the exit planning process that enabled the business owner to take specific actions to increase profit and reduce risk - the business sold a share on a $20 million valuation a year later! Real value was added and the owner is now a great fan of ours!
Business Owners Readiness Survey has shown that:
  • 66% are not familiar with all their exit options - there are in essence 7 types of exits
  • 83% have no exit plans meaning most will not realise the potential value at exit
  • 86% have not completed a strategic review and value enhancement project meaning that their business may not be in the best state to realise its true potential
  • 80% of businesses will not realise their true value without Exit Planning
  • In the USA $8 Trillion in personal wealth will evaporate due to a lack of owner readiness to exit their business - pretty scary!
Case Study 1

No strategic exit plan, value achieved at exit 50% of desired.
Owner and family unhappy.

Case Study 2

Owner embarked on a strategic exit planning process with a professional exit planner.
18 months later he sold the business on his terms to a cash buyer.

Every business owner should have a strategic exit and succession plan.

There is a natural reluctance to start the process and these typically centre around:

  • Understanding and accepting perceptions about retirement and goals

  • Understanding the conflict between the 3 value systems of family, management and ownership and the stress that this conflict causes

Every exit plan is a very personal one to a business owner.

We are certified exit planning advisors, we talk to buyers on a daily basis and we really understand, and do, what needs to be done. We deliver world class Strategic Exit Plans that deliver value to business owners.

Our process is methodical, logical and rational and will include forming a team focused on your needs and your current advisors will be included. Confidentiality is a top priority.

Our systems include proprietary software that is a game changer. The system is cloud based, built to ISO standards, secure and intuitive. The system allows for all stakeholders to be engaged and informed.  


Preparing a strategic exit and succession plan will deliver to the business owner:

  • Clarity of goals

  • Reduced stress

  • Maximisation of business value at time of sale.

Strategic Exit Planning Process

On engagement we will work with you to:

  • Complete a Needs Analysis

  • Complete a Value Gap Analysis

  • Using our proprietary cloud based software, complete a due diligence exercise which will identify risks and opportunity in the business and a program to drive value.

We will achieve maximum value for your business and it will be a smoother sale process. We are confident our process delivers value.


Therefore, what you paid us for the strategic exit planning process,
we will refund in full, when we sell your business!


We believe in and are very passionate about strategic exit planning and we want to assist business owners realise their goals.

We will be delighted to work with you on this exciting and valuable project.

If you want to ensure your exit plan has a well defined process to deliver professional exit plans that meet the needs of you, the business owner, then use a professional exit planning advisor.

Not having an Exit Plan should be non negotiable, this is a fundamental, critical and strategic process that should allow you, the owner, to ensure that your hard work is rewarded! There are so many benefits and reasons to do this.
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